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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

It’s fine to give up on a life path you once thought was a good fit for you, as long as you never ever give up on yourself. EVER. This is crucial.

THE WORLD NEEDS you and your contributions.

We need your ideas and your perspective. We don’t have all the answers, even though many adults pretend like they do.

No one has every piece to this puzzle. People can only give you what they know, based on their own life experiences, and that will never perfectly map onto another person’s life.

Do what resonates with you for as long as it does. If you evolve and those same things no longer resonate, then feel free to re-align yourself with new activities. Trust me, your friends and family will understand and support you. That’s what unconditional love is all about.

It's good to adjust and recalibrate until you find the lifestyle that’s just right for you and pushes you towards the goals you want to achieve.

THE CLOSER YOUR goals align with your inner voice, or your spirit, the easier it is to focus only on the things that serve your goals.

That’s because your inner voice is the truest, most durable part about you, so it’s easier to maintain the actions and goals that speak to that part of you directly.

Be careful of betraying that inner voice for material gain. That’s the fastest way to lose your spirit and your motivation to want to get up and get active, each and every day.

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