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Begin Again, and Again… (How it Started & How it’s Going)

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Prompt: “a canvas with a half drawn picture of a startup in the style of Vincent Van Gogh”


In my early career, I’ve learned a handful of key lessons. Some of them I turned into an e-book I released last year so aspiring #founders, #investors, and #creators can go after their goals fearlessly.

One key #lesson I’ve meditated on recently is that it’s often not WHAT you do, but WHO you do it for.

(see one of my favorite examples below👇🏾)

Supporting new founders and investors has long been a source of inspiration during my early days as a VC :) and for as long as I can remember, it was the main reason I got up every morning to go to work and begin again.

If you were like me at the beginning of your journey through the world of startups, then you may be hesitant and a bit unsure of yourself. Surrounding yourself with inspiring friends and advisors will give you a much needed boost.

For helpful advice on taking your first steps, check out the first blog post I wrote in 2017 which officially launched me on my startup journey: "Where to start when you're building a company - The One-Pager"

Here’s also a helpful post I wrote on “What you can expect from your first meeting with a VC

Finally, here’s a master link to a folder full of all the #startup and #venturecapital resources I’ve collected throughout my entire career ;)

As a bonus, I’m also including a 45-minute Fireside Chat from my senior year at Princeton co-created with the founding CTO of Superhuman Conrad Irwin (and boldstart ventures) on the Chaac Ventures platform. Always a pleasure :) Timeless insights and lessons included, particularly for #engineering leads & young #students just getting started. Thanks Conrad!

Hopefully, this post can serve as a resource you can share with fresh founders and investors in your #network who are just getting started and searching for direction.

The advice still holds true today, and I hope it inspires you to pursue your Purpose.

I’ll sign off with my favorite quote from my favorite #athlete and business leader. A man that in many ways, I’ve modeled my work ethic and overall mindset after. I thank God for the dreamers and barrier breakers all around us, doing the work silently every day, again and again…

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