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Life Lessons, Vol. 1:

47 Tips to Transcend Your Education

Life Lessons Vol. 1 (final).jpg


Inspired by Ray Dalio’s Principles, Bayode Okusanya released Life Lessons, Vol. 1: 47 Tips to Transcend Your Education, a guidebook meant to help Generation Z overcome the struggles of balancing their education with their personal lives, and also assist anyone who may be lost in life and in search of some answers. There are 47 lessons in the book. Each lesson was recorded in real-time, as the author experienced them while studying Philosophy and Entrepreneurship at Princeton University. He hopes that by learning from these lessons people can avoid mistakes and move full speed towards their dreams, step by step, relentlessly.

Lesson 1 4:

You  need     to     learn    to    ignore    the     outside   noise    and    follow    your   internal   compass.  

Lesson 18:

By  simply     observing     the    world,    your thoughts,    and your reactions to it,    without   internalizing    everything    negative    that   happens,   you    can    begin    to grow    past    your    circumstances.   

Lesson 33

If  you    haven't     found    your    passion    yet,     or     your  life's   purpose,    then    don't   stop   searching    until    you    do.   

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